Quick Links. Responsibilities of Deans and Directors. Deans and directors are responsible for ensuring that schools and colleges and their departments provide timely and expeditious handling of graduate assistant letters of offer, payroll forms, and tuition remissions in order to avoid imposing economic hardship. Deans and directors are responsible for ensuring that: Appropriate titles are used for the appointment of graduate assistants. Appointment criteria are met throughout the term of appointment. Additionally, departments are encouraged to consider for employment qualified graduate students in other departments or programs.

Graduate Assistantship Policies and Procedures

The University of Texas at Austin “University” is committed to maintaining an academic community including associated teaching, research, working and athletic environments free from conflicts of interest, favoritism, and exploitation. Romantic relationships between certain categories of individuals affiliated with the University risks undermining the essential educational purpose of the University and can disrupt the workplace and learning environment.

This policy applies to all University employees including faculty , student employees, students, and affiliates.

But they don’t ever say professors can’t date students who were recently has banned all student-faculty relationships, including for graduate students. As one That’s what happened to John Barrett, an assistant professor of.

The Jack H. Brown College of Business and Public Administration values joint research opportunities with faculty and students. As such, each quarter the college funds a number of eligible candidates to be graduate and research assistants GA. The typical work period is usually 10 hours per week for 12 weeks. Below are dates given as a reference. NOTE: The technical starting and ending date for each quarter would reflect the above.

However, the actual starting and ending dates for the students would be close to these dates – covering a 12 week period per quarter. They are also encouraged to network with faculty to see if they can be matched with a faculty member before they submit their application form — typically one GA appointment per student will be considered for approval.

Former Student, Fair Game?

By Sharon Wu. Coupled with our developing passions for what we study, an encounter with someone with a depth of knowledge in our field can be incredibly alluring. But what about TAs?

A graduate assistant is a graduate student who is appointed to a Teaching The standard starting date for a graduate assistant shall be one week before the.

The cost of attending the University of Oklahoma includes tuition, fees, books, housing including room and board , transportation, and miscellaneous living expenses. Contact Bursar Services in the Student Financial Center for specific information about tuition and fees. Financial support is any financial resource that a student may receive to assist in meeting the cost of attending the university. Financial Aid Services awards and monitors all federal and need-based awards.

For additional information on financial aid programs and application information, contact:. Student Financial Center Asp Ave. Students are encouraged to utilize the Financial Aid Services website for general financial aid and scholarship information, as well as to check the status of their financial aid application. Many academic units and other administrative areas employ graduate students on a part-time basis as graduate assistants.

Graduate assistantships are awarded and governed by the individual appointing units. Students should contact the appointing unit to obtain information about graduate assistantships. The QGA tuition waiver program is designed to provide tuition support to graduate students whose graduate assistantship is relevant to their study and an integral part of their graduate education experience.


Work performed is primarily for the benefit of the University. Stats who has instructional responsibilities for the course. The teaching assistant title should not be used for a graduate student who is responsible for teaching a course in lieu of a faculty member, and should not be used as a substitute for the lecturer SA title. The appointee is required to register for the appropriate number of graduate courses and research credits to satisfy full-time enrollment.

The appointee must maintain enrollment commensurate with their program requirements. A research assistant should be supported from research funds only if the activities of the research assistant are necessary for the research project objectives providing funding.

An assistantship is awarded to a graduate student who provides teaching before the start date of their employment (August 23 for Fall, January 8 for Spring)​.

Colleges, graduate programs, administrative offices, and research centers appoint graduate students as teaching TA , research RA , or graduate assistants GA. Students apply for and obtain most assistantships through their graduate programs. The Human Resources Job Board has listings for assistantships that are open to the general graduate student population see listings towards bottom of the above link. The weekly clock hours of service are based on a forty-hour work-week.

International students can exceed twenty hours weekly during academic breaks. And, work authorization is impacted by the graduation date. Minimum stipend amounts are established through collective bargaining. Departments may offer higher than the minimum. Even though Research Assistantship RA appointments are not under the contract, the minimum stipend applies to those positions as well.

Policy Library

A student awarded a graduate assistantship receives a financial stipend for services rendered in addition to a full or partial tuition scholarship. A student who receives a graduate assistantship devotes effort to a combined program of formal study and assigned duties of teaching, research or administrative service that is designed to enhance their university education. The stipend received by the graduate assistant is in recognition of these services.

Those with teaching duties are teaching assistants TAs and those with research duties are research assistants RAs.

Graduate assistants (GAs) are, first and foremost, graduate students pursuing an education. student beginning the assistantship after the posted Start date.

This is probably an unpopular opinion but I enjoyed grad school way more than I did college. I appreciated the smaller class sizes, the more intensive research work I got to do, and the ability to work alongside professors I’d admired for years. The academic experience wasn’t the only way grad school was different from college, though. After two years as a grad student, I learned that dating in grad school brought with it an entirely new rulebook I hadn’t read in college.

As a grad student, you’re in a different phase of your adult life. You’re most likely in charge of all of your finances now, you probably have fewer roommates, and hopefully, you’re more inclined to do your laundry yourself rather than taking it all home for your mom. I know, I know. Change is scary but I can confirm that Cheetos will remain one of your main food groups so you can at least take comfort in that. Apart from these personal life changes, you’ll notice a few differences in your love life as well, especially when it comes to casually dating.

Assistantships & Student Support/Scholarships

Download a Printable Version of Policy To establish the guiding principles, basic terms, and administrative authority for graduate assistantships. Graduate assistantships should be utilized for the purpose of recruitment of graduate students and are to provide financial assistance and enhanced educational and developmental opportunities for graduate students while supporting the University in its teaching, research, and service missions.

This policy explains the guiding principles, states the basic terms, and establishes the administrative authority for all graduate assistantships. Appointment of a student to a graduate assistantship is the process by which a student is offered and accepts a graduate assistantship.

Graduate Assistant (GA) – A graduate student who is currently enrolled in the Graduate. School and who is also employed by the university to.

For eligibility, students must be accepted as a graduate student in a degree program and be enrolled full-time. Graduate students enrolled fully online program that exempts them from paying campus-based fees are not eligible for graduate assistantships. See Full-time Enrollment Requirements. Both half- and full-stipend assistantships are available.

Half-stipend assistantships require students to perform assistantship assignments for a minimum of 10 hours per week during the period of the assignment. Full-stipend assistantships require students to perform assistantship assignments for a minimum of 20 hours per week during the period of the assignment. In rare circumstances, students may be appointed to assistantships with total hourly commitments that extend beyond hours per week.

During the fall and spring terms, approval for appointments above 20 hours per week must be requested using the Supplemental Assignment Form ; during the Summer term, prior approval is not required.

Graduate Assistantship Info for Students

Graduate assistantships are essential to the success of the graduate programs at Georgia Southern University. The assistantship not only enables the student to complete the program of study in a timely fashion, but also affords the opportunity to be involved in full-time study at the University. Graduate assistants enliven the academic environment of the university by adding to the community of scholars within the institution.

A graduate assistant is a graduate student who is appointed to a Teaching Assistantship, Research Assistantship, Graduate Assistantship, or Doctoral Fellowship and receives a stipend and a tuition waiver.

GRADUATE STUDENT ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE. 4 Graduate Assistants are student The actual date of resignation may be mutually determined by.

Basically, you should avoid relationships with other students if you are serving as a teaching or instructional assistant , faculty, or staff that go beyond a professional one. The University has established policies for dating students or staff, teaching students who are relatives, and creating situations that could be construed as harassment.

Amorous Relationships : In two type of situations, University prohibition and punishment of amorous relationships is deemed necessary:. Teaching or Supervising a Relative: It is misconduct, subject to disciplinary action, for a University employee, incident to any instructional, research, administrative or other University employment responsibility or authority, to evaluate or supervise any staff person or student with whom he or she has an amorous relationship or to whom he or she is related by blood, law, or marriage.

Sexual Harassment : The EEOC’s Guidelines define “sexual harassment” by describing the kinds of workplace conduct that may be actionable under Title VII, including “[u]nwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature. There are two types that may arise:. In plain English, you need to avoid the impression that a you require students to do anything that could be construed as sexual, and b you treat students of one sex in a manner that could be construed as discriminatory.

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How Dating In Grad School Is Totally Different Than Dating In College

Northern Illinois University employs graduate assistants in order to provide them enriched learning experiences. Through their graduate assistantships, students receive intensive mentoring, which contributes to the development of the knowledge, skills, and abilities they need to become the next generation of innovators and scholar-experts in their fields of study. As mentored researchers and teachers, graduate assistants help the university achieve its mission.

Despite the important contributions that graduate assistants make to the institutional mission, the university primarily invests in graduate assistants and any tuition waiver associated with assistantships in order to enhance the education and training of graduate students. Consequently, graduate assistants are first and foremost students. As assistants, they perform conscientiously and professionally the tasks assigned them.

Graduate assistants are required to submit a final bachelor’s degree transcript before an assistantship start date. Graduate students seeking certification only are.

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Dating In Graduate School

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